1st Quarter 2024 – Prayer Letter


January-March 2024

Dear praying friends and family,

A recent survey in France has revealed that over 70% of French people are pessimistic about the future of the country. Though I understand why they can feel this way, I am happy that as believers, our joy and peace are not based on current circumstances but on the wonderful truth of God’s word, giving us a very firm foundation in Christ Jesus. As we enter the season of commemoration and celebration of our Lord’s sacrifice and resurrection, we thank our Father for his abundant mercy and for the lively hope we have.

We praise God for his work in the ministry in Amiens as believers express their desire for spiritual growth and to be of service in the church. Through a series of sermons on Ecclesiology, I’ve been encouraging them to realize that Christian life is not limited to our marvelous salvation and, more importantly, to act upon the truth of God’s word regarding the body of Christ as several have not yet committed to membership. We rejoice, however, in seeing a genuine bond forming between believers. We thank God for blessing our children’s, teens’, young adults’, and ladies’ meetings. Please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to pursue his work and the lives of those taking part in these activities.

We continue to witness to R****n and G*****y, though we do not see any progress in our interactions with them. R****n is trapped by his desire to be healed more than to be saved. G*****y has ups and downs. We don’t see any real interest in his heart for spiritual things, but we continue to take time with him, especially trying to counsel him in making better choices in his life.

S*******n, an unsaved man in his mid-40s, has been attending our mid-week services “in search of God,” as he has stated. He is quite shy, and it took him a good deal of courage to step into our meeting place. He lives a complicated situation with his mother, with whom he still lives. She is extremely controlling and mean towards him, especially when he shows interest in God’s Word. Pray for him to understand the Gospel and to know God’s peace and the courage the Spirit gives us.

We also ask you to intercede for I**n, the severely autistic adult brother of N***a, a believer from our church. Last December, N***a’s cousin, also Ivan’s caretaker, suddenly passed away, and the family has ever since had the greatest difficulty finding a facility to care for him. Please pray for the Lord to open the doors and for N***a to be strengthened in her faith. This situation has already allowed her to get closer to her sisters and witness to them. Please pray for M****l who has been dealing with very painful back problems. We rejoice that he and his family have been very faithful to our meetings.

These last three months, we enjoyed Grandpa and Grandma Dodeler’s visit. We thank God for His provisions to them regarding various health needs that were met during this trip. We also thank God for providing us with a small Nissan Micra to replace our Renault.

We are looking forward to a blessed Resurrection Sunday celebration. Several believers will participate in a special program. Pray for many visitors to come and hear the gospel message.

We thank you for your love, your kindness and your help manifested through your precious prayers and through your faithful financial support.

May you have a Blessed Resurrection Day celebration!

In His service and in yours,

Jeremie, Damaris, Adam, Abel & Anthony