Training Nationals

Institut Biblique Baptiste Libre

Following the instructions found in 2 Timothy 2:2, the IBBL has trained servants for the ministry in France and in other french speaking countries since 1969.

Located 40 miles west of Paris in the town of Limay, this small school is the Alma Mater of Jeremie (1998) and Damaris (2004).

Placed under the direct authority of independent Baptist churches in France, its purpose has been to train pastors, evangelists and teachers for the local church. Its faculty composed of French pastors and American missionaries in France, gave the students the needed spiritual and practical training.

Jeremie has served there in various administrative functions and taught a variety of courses such as Bible Survey, New Testament, Biblical Counseling, Church Administration & Pastoral Theology.

However, in 2022 after 53 years of training believers for the ministry and after many prayers and consideration, it was decided to close the Bible institute in Limay. Over the decades, many servants of God were trained there and have had a meaningful impact in France and in other countries for which we praise the Lord.