4th Quarter 2023 – Prayer Letter


October-December 2023

Proclaim the Prince of Peace!

Current events continue to state the obvious. This fallen world, so eager for peace, continuously fails to obtain it. We find vicious conflicts on the rise on all levels of society. Atrocious wars between nations. Aggressive politicians have torn apart the ideals of democracy. Tensions in the workplace and fights between neighbors are recurrent. Couples selfishly tearing apart families leading to devastating tragedies. School bullies pushing their victims to despair and death. This bleak reality would certainly bring anyone to wonder if peace can be of this world. Yet, as dark as this world is, the Light that came into this world in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago is still shining through faithful believers who continue to share God’s love and grace, who stand for justice, and who proclaim the Prince of Peace bringing glory to God!

The Ministry in Amiens

We are thankful for God’s grace in providing a cross for our church building. It was made by our brother-in-law Andrew Livingstone, out of a chestnut tree from Camp Rainbow.

We rejoice that by God’s grace, the ministry in Amiens is doing well. The new family I’ve mentioned in our previous letter has been faithfully coming to all our meetings though they have a 40-minute drive. Please continue to pray for the Lord to heal the wounds and bring peace of heart to the M****i family. Pray for us and the Abbetts as we help them to grow spiritually. We are happy that G*****y was able to find an apartment in Amiens, making his life easier. Please continue to pray for him and Romain to find the peace of Christ through salvation. Please pray for God to give strength to the D****s. Having to drive over an hour to attend our services has been complicating for them.

Christmas Program

Our church had its Christmas program this last Sunday. What a joy it was to see believers taking part in the church ministry. We were 28 altogether including 4 who do not know the Lord. Please pray it may have had a profound spiritual impact on visitors and believers.

Outreach Ministries

Youth ministries resumed In October and have been encouraging to all of us. We were happy to see Axel, Timothée, Paul and Louis join Abel and Anthony and to see their excitement in being part of the Children’s Bible Discovery Club. They have been studying the life of Joseph with Damaris and Susan. This year with the teens, we are studying world religions in comparison to God’s Word. Joshua, Adam, J****y, and M******n also enjoy the fun activities Brother Abbett comes up with. Please continue to pray for these ministries to have a greater impact in the lives of these young people. We continue to ship Bibles on a regular basis. So far this year, 70 Bibles were sent along with gospel tracts and other Christian literature. Please continue to pray for the salvation of the many souls who have received Bibles.

Special Visitors

We were blessed last month to have brother Abbett’s parents come for a visit. They are retired missionaries and hadn’t been back in France since 2006. My parents are also currently back in France for a few months to visit family and friends. What a joy it is for us to spend more time with them and a special blessing to introduce them to the believers in Amiens.

As we’ve been doing every Christmastime for many years, our family will be giving cookies and an outreach calendar to our neighbors, friends, and school teachers. Please pray for these many lost souls to come to Christ. We thank you for your love, your kindness and your help manifested through your precious prayers.

In His service and in yours,

Jeremie, Damaris, Adam, Abel and Anthony