Support Info

Our current situation

We are extremely grateful for the faithful prayers and the financial support we receive from many churches (68%) and from believers (32%) in the United States. This has been and continues to be a tremendous help for us in our ministry here in France but also for our family.

However, due to the economic situation in France causing a significant increase of the costs of living, we are planning on seeking additional support during our upcoming 2023 summer furlough.

Inflation in France is expected to go up again in 2023 reaching 5.5% in February. The government has already limited the increase of electricity prices to 15% in order to help households. Without that, electric companies would have doubled their rates.

We’ve already seen quite an increase of the cost of food up 21% according to the news radio “Europe 1”.

If you are a pastor and would like to schedule a meeting during our upcoming furlough, we invite you to use the form on the contact page.

The cost of living in France:

  • The base price for 1kWh has recently increased from 0.13981 € to 0.18066 €
  • We currently have a monthly plan $245. Our heating system is all electric.
  • Unleaded gasoline averages $7.54/Gallon.
  • The price for 10 beef patties increased by nearly 42% over one year, to reach the sum of 11.37 €, compared to only 8.16 € in January 2022.
  • Rice has also experienced a significant increases of 27.5% between the start of 2022 and the start of 2023.
  • A gallon of milk averages 4.23€
  • A one-way trip from our house to Camp Rainbow (380mi – 5h30) on the tollway costs 51.70€

Support Level

2023 budget 76%

How to support us

If the Lord moves you to support us financially, we then invite you to download and print the following declaration of support form and then send it directly to Baptist World Mission.

You may also go to the Baptist World Mission’s website to either give a one time gift or to set up a regular support. Thank you for your generosity!