Camp Ministries

Camp Arc-en-Ciel

Under the leading of Tim Knickerbocker, Camp Rainbow was founded in 1980 and was able to acquire an old farm with 3 hectares of land thanks to a donation from American Christians. The first camp session took place in 1987 in this property located in the south of France near the Pyrenees mountains.

While the Pyrenees area offered a picturesque location, it was decided after prayerful considerations and discussions to move it to a more centralized area. The Lord opened the doors in August of 2011 for the purchase of two large buildings in Larodde, a small village in the Auvergne region.

Though important renovations were needed, camp sessions were still allowed as tents and rental wood cabins were used to lodge the campers and personnel. After years of hard work and perseverance, with the help of volunteers and benefactors, the main building was finally up to code and received the authorities approval to be used in its entirety in 2020.

Though Camp Rainbow started with only 10 teenage campers, it has grown over the years and can now welcome up to 200 people through 7 weeks of camp. The youth camp sessions welcome Juniors and Teens at the same time.

Though its main activity is the organization of biblical stays for children and teenagers, Camp Rainbow also organises stays for young people and adults choir camps. Above all, the camp considers itself as an arm of the local Church to assist it in the instruction and education of the children and young people entrusted to it.

A special place in our hearts

As you most likely read it in our testimonies, we both have a special connection to Camp Rainbow. Damaris’ parents founded Camp Rainbow and have dedicated their lives not only in the spiritual aspects of this ministry, but also in the renovations of the buildings for over 40 years! This is also where at the age of 13, I acknowledged God’s calling for the ministry.

Damaris has been teaching Bible lessons to the Juniors in the morning but has also helped in other areas such as meal preparations and laundry. I typically teach Bible studies to the Teens in the morning, but also preach to both Juniors and Teens.

Over the years we have enjoyed serving the Lord there alongside Tim and Elisabeth Knickerbocker and other faithful Christians. In 2022, the management of the campsite was transferred to Damaris’ sister Sephora Livingstone. Her husband Andrew pastors a nearby church and also helps a lot with all the handy work, but most importantly he also preaches in some of the camp’s evening services.

An essential ministry!

Our goal through Camp Rainbow is to reach the youth with the gospel of Christ and to equip them to live a strong spiritual life as they face an overwhelming pressure from this world.

Through sound preaching and relatable Bible studies, we labour to help them build their convictions on the Word of God but also to encourage them to love and serve God. Camps have proven to be one of the greatest tools used of God to call young Christians to the ministry.


Andrew, Sephora & Lydia Livingstone