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The IBBL (Institut Biblique Baptiste Libre) is a seminary level Independant Baptist Bible Institute located about 40 mi west of Paris. It is a ministry placed under the authority of Independant Baptist Churches in France.

Its goal is to train people for the ministry in french speaking countries. The teachers and personnel all serve benevolently at the IBBL. This team is composed of missionary and french pastors serving in France and in Europe.

I've been a teacher at the IBBL since 2001, and  I've been called to serve as vice-president since 2012.


We see the IBBL as a vital part of our ministry in France. One of our goals as church planters is to see a national take over the church ministry. It is our responsability to make sure this brother has received appropriate training, thus we need to be closely involved in it.

Since 1969 the IBBL has been an essential tool in France for the training of pastors and missionaries. Pray for christians in France to answer God's call and for churches to support and maintain these servants in the ministry.