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Tim & Elisabeth Knickerbocker

These are Damaris' parents. At the age of 11, Tim felt a clear call from God to spend his life as a missionary to France. At age 17, after high school graduation, he arrived in France as a Student missionary under a unique 3 -year training progam. After ordination, he became an assistant pastor for 3 years of the Toulouse Central Baptist church.

At about that time, Elisabeth a registered nurse from NE France, felt the call of God to leave her profession and bring the Gospel to the needier regions of her native country, notably in SW France.

After studying at the same Institute, Tim and Elisabeth were married and after deputation, Tim became the pastor of the Toulouse church from 1979-1998. During those years, the church became self-supporting and the Knickerbockers started a camp ministry, as well as a Christian school.

In 1998, Tim and Elisabeth left the Toulouse church pastorate, having called a French pastor to take over, and after raising support once again, are now involved in an itinerant ministry for evangelism and Bible conference to the French speaking world.

They continue to manage and upkeep Camp Rainbow, organizing 6 weeks of camp each summer. They are also open to receiving american young people at camp as summer personnel, to discover the French language and the opportunities of the mission field. They also enjoy translation and proofreading of literature, as well as translating and recording hymns and songs for the French field.