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Bernard & Bernice Dodeler

These are Jeremie's parents. Bernard was born in France in a traditional catholic family. He was studying law, when he received Christ as his personal Savior in Limauges (Belgium) in the night of April 10/11 1966. He was baptized on July 17 1966 and became active as a member in the Good News Baptist Church in France and responded to God's call to the ministry in February 1967.

He enrolled at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College in Owatonna in the fall of 1967. He enrolled at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis in the fall of 1968. Following graduation in 1972, the Calvary Baptist Church of Oak Forest ordained Bernard, Illinois and commissioned to the field of France on August 25, 1972.


Bernice was born in Wisconsin in a large Bible-believing family, where she heard the Word of God right away. She trusted Christ as her Savior when she was still a young child. She became very faithful to and through her home church, the Calvary Baptist Church of Belvidere, Illinois. She graduated from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College in Owatonna in May 1968 God was leading and preparing her for mission-work.

They have been serving in France since 1972.