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Carey & Susan Abbett

We have been serving the Lord alongside the Abbett family. Carey was born and raised in France as a missionary kid. His parents, Gailen and Margie ABBETT have retired from the ministry in March of 2007 after serving faithfully in France for over 30 years.

The ABBETTS have been very close friends to my parents and have worked together on many occasions especially for winter camps and inter-church youth activities.

Carey graduated in 1993 from the I.B.B.L. and then went on to seek spiritual and financial support through B.I.M.I. While on deputation, Carey and Susan met and were married in 1998. After raising support, they came back to France in 2000 and were working with Carey's parents in Sarreguemines, a french city close to Germany.

Then they felt the call to start a church in the large city of Amiens.

Carey and Susan have 3 children: Julianna (, Timothy ( and Joshua (.